To be revised-cause it needs help

September 11, 2006

1. Mr. Percy seems to progress from a more general view into a more specific one. It’s like he’s attempting to apply his ideas to more specific examples rather than generalized views.

2. The loss that Mr. Percy has such concern for is the loss of the ability to have a “true” experience in order to have an experience that is considered to be “right” and “acceptable” to society. The interests that are represented here are interests to the present and to the person or people who are having the experience. Thus the interests are to society as a whole.


5 Responses to “To be revised-cause it needs help”

  1. Siobhan Dannaher said

    I think that you are right on the ball when you answer the two questions. You were very concise with your thoughts.

  2. varinz said

    I agree, but I also think Percy’s idea of whose interests are being represented is more specific than even that. He is watching out for the interests of the individual. Training the individual to not be a victim of consumerism allows them to have an authentic experience, and not just regurgatate someone elses.

  3. jpike said

    I agree to your way of thinking Varin. He is almost looking out for the individual to not fall into what society and everyone else is doing. He wants people to have unique experiences.

  4. prof Groom said


    This progression is of particular interest to me in this essay -how do you understand his logic for such a progression? Why does he structure his essay in such a fashion?

  5. prof Groom said

    How does Percy define a “true” experience? Be specific.

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