October 1, 2006

03n_arquette_narrowweb__200x298.jpgfemaleadvert1.jpgPhoto by: Herb Ritts

This advertisement for its photography goes against the grain in what Douglass’ essay is that this is a photograph of an elderly woman not attempting to look younger or regain a figure. The woman in this photograph is simply living in the body that she has.

03n_arquette_narrowweb__200x298.jpg Photo: nbc.com

This photograph is an alternative is an alternative representation of a woman because, this woman is advertising a popular show in primetime. Whereas most titular female characters are as Susan Douglass metions in her essay, this one is different. This woman plays a middle aged homemaker who is fine with how she looks and her station in life. She doesn’t obssess with getting thinner and is considered famous despite the fact that she is not model thin with a perfect body.

osh_alalsl_work_media_maud_duncan_sm.jpgPhoto: Arkansas History Commission, unknown photographer

This photograph shows an elderly woman who is self sufficient and not obssessed with being pretty, as she is dressed quite practically and simply. In Douglass’ essay, she talks about how women toe the line of having to be the ideal woman and having jobs of their own. In this photo, the elderly woman has crossed the line and become selfsufficient in that she has her own job.

030606-grannyrobbery-200.jpgPhoto: bbc.co.uk

This photograph shows an elderly woman going completely against the grain of society and becomming a criminal. THis is a far cry from attempting to cover up the ageing process or being fit or being an “ideal” woman.

yurikochiyama.gifPhoto: Associated Press

This photograph shows an elderly woman standing up for what she believes in, and helping others. Rather than working on helping her family or being at home, she is out among the public being active in her own way, rather than being selfconscious.


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  1. I agree with all of your pictures and what they represent. I especially like the first one with the old woman with the wrinkles. She realizes she is old and there is no way to hide it, but what’s the point? She is proud and shows what she has been through.

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