Men’s Ads Response Questions

October 25, 2006

2. Each section in the essay has their own thesis, however all if the thesises contribute to the overall argument of the essay. For example, the first one, “Men on Display” introduces the concept of men in advertising and sets the tone and overall themea of the essay. The most satirical of her sections begins with the section, “Honey, What Do I Wear” goes on todiscuss the juxtaposition of societal thinking of what men should think like andwhat the industry is trying to impose upon them. I like how she organized the essay so that one argument seemed to give way to another.

3. Bordo makes the distinction that women are led to believe that they should be aesthetically perfect in the eyes of others, thus they have more pressure to dress and appear completely in style. However, the men, in society’s eyes are not supposed to care about the looks and gazes of others, they are supposed to be independent of scruitiny and dress how they wish. Bordo shows that this is not realistic, that men are scruitinized just as women are and that media also puts pressure on a man to dress and behave a certain way. I agree with Bordo on the point that there is pressure on both sexes to act and appear a certain way, which influences how many people behave.




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