Research Project Part Three

November 15, 2006

1. American Airline’s creation of the Frequent-Flier miles program completely revolutionized the airline industry and the way that airlines advertised to consumers. Created as way to save the airline after the deregulation in the late 1970’s, the frequent flier program quickly saved the commercial industry and was adopted by most commercial companies. The very risky manuver managed was far more successful than anticipated and continues through today.

2. I expect to discover how deregulation hurt the industry and how the rewards program was thought of and implemented. I also expect to find how the frequent flier mile program changed over time, such as though cooperation with businesses and credit card companies.

3. Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns

It goes into pretty good detail on the beginings of the AAdvantage Program (frequent flier), and how it was the first to be created. It also gives some background context for the beginning of the program, and the program’s affects and competition.

“New Airline Figures Show Unused Awards Mounting” Wall Street Journal 15 July 1987

This article shows the popularity of the program, and the looming worry that it would eventually cause the downfall of the airline industry. It also shows how airlines make a larger profit from frequent flier program due to unused miles.”

“American Air, Pan Am Drop Joint Program” Wall Street Journal 17 August, 1987

This article shows changes in the frequent flier program due to changes in cooperation between companies.

4. I simply need to compile more research before i write the paper.


Research Proj. Part 2

November 1, 2006

I would like to do my assignment on American Airlines. Specifically, how their advertising changed through the decades and in face of big historical events such as 9/11.


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