Research Proj. Part 2

November 1, 2006

I would like to do my assignment on American Airlines. Specifically, how their advertising changed through the decades and in face of big historical events such as 9/11.


The Advertising Age Encyclopedia of Advertising Vol. 1/ New York: Fitzroy Dearborn, 2003

Goodrum, Charles; Advertising in America: the First 200 Years; New York 2000

Riggs, Thoman; The Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns; Detroit: Gale Group, 2000

Heimann, Jim; All-American Ads: Taschen, 2001 *misceleneous decades


One Response to “Research Proj. Part 2”

  1. varinz said

    Sounds good, are you going to look at the societal impact in ads or the politicial? If you do both…your paper will be too broad.

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